ISR specializes in the following systems:

  •  Full line of cameras: fixed, PTZ, IP, Megapixel, day/night cameras and all accessories
  • Complete line of lenses: fixed, vari-focal and day/night lenses

  • Complete offering of DVRs: cost effective, easy to use embedded DVRs to Enterprise Class Systems 

  • NVR Solutions: all IP video network devices, storage and software 

  • Intelligent Video Tracking: 3D object tracking and image analysis systems 

  • Access Control: from basic cost effective, easy to use system to full enterprise class solutions

  • Entry Systems: telephone based entry and wired systems

  • Racks and consoles to complete each project: security racks and custom security consoles

  • Video Mounts: plasma and LCD mounts for all applications

  • Paging Systems: microphones, ceiling speakers and electronics

  • Sound masking systems: speakers, amplifiers and software.

  • Audio Systems: speakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, software, etc.

  • All Accessories to complete the project: surge suppression, power distribution, UPS systems, power supplies, fiber and UTP transmitters/receivers​

​​Sales Training

  • ISR can offer basic sales and industry training for your sales staff.
  • Entry level sales training includes prospecting, qualifying, negotiating, surveying, demonstrating, presenting and closing techniques.
  • Industry related courses we offer are Surveillance 101, DVR 101, Introduction to Networks/IP101 and Access 101.
  • All sales training is based on the consultative sales approach and the CISB model (Concern, Impact, Solution, Benefits).
  • We can also customize any training program per your request and coordinate advanced courses with industry experts.


Product Training

  • ISR offers product training from all of our manufacturers.
  • We not only offer how to use the product but how to discover opportunities in the market, present the product, how to create the proposal and closing the sale.


Technical Training

  • ISR in conjunction with our manufacturers can train you technical staff on how to install and configure a system.


Product Demonstrations

  • ISR will demonstrate the product to your staff focusing on key selling points and what sets our products apart from the competition.

Consulting Services

  • Assisting manufacturers in bringing their products into the US market, security market or to increase brand awareness.
  • ISR can help you formulate a marketing plan,  hire key personnel, establish a rep network, set up distribution and a dealer network.
  • ISR offers consulting and bid spec writing services to end-users to assist them in selecting the best solution for their application.


End-User Demonstrations

  • ISR will assist you in presenting our products to your customer.
  • Each demonstration is designed around your customers application including concerns and key issues.


Walk through Assistance

  • ISR will visit your customers site with you to determine the best solution.


Job Layout/Systems Design/Pricing

  • ISR assist you with laying out the job to include all necessary parts for a turnkey installation.
  • We will also price our components and give you the most competitive pricing.



  • ISR will assist you in assembling  a proper proposal to include presenting the system, format, equipment list, literature, CDs, etc.


Specification Writing/Engineering/System Commissioning

  • ISR will assist you in writing a specification for your customer.
  • ISR has access to an EE for advanced system design.
  • Pricing for engineering and commissioning is based on each case individually, basic system design and commissioning is included with all proposals.



System Solutions Representatives